Illuminations: Growing Old with Dignity

Never in history have so many people lived so long. Thanks to leaps in medical science, technology and economic opportunity, this includes individuals who have acquired disability earlier in life as well as the general population aging into disability. Challenges and opportunities abound. How can families and guardians, clinicians and support staff provide the care our diverse elderly communities require?

This topic area treads into uncharted demographic terrain and yields encounters with ameliorative insights into the stresses associated with the aging populations around the world.  Be ready to be deeply moved by a storytelling session exploring what it is like to seek the solace of aging in place despite a severe disability, which draws marginalization and even mistreatment by some home health care agencies.  Then, be moved into action by a session that identifies ways to right the wrongs and rebalance an awry world system which too frequently privileges social power over the social burden of caring for sick and disabled elders. 

Ever since societies began envisioning a fountain of youth, theories about longevity have been abundant, but only now is there clinical proof that it takes an active and healthy lifestyle to stave off debilitating effects of age in the so-called Golden Years. In one brief topic session, take in the new research that identifies the factors of diet and physical activity common to Alaskan elders in Anchorage, Alaska. Make headway into this complex topic area with cutting edge analyses of professionals entwined with input from elderly people who stand on irrefutable personal testimony granted to them by time.

And for the finale! On Wednesday, October 11, 2017PACRIM 2017 is proud to host an all Day Forum on Growing Old with Dignity.


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