Cross-Strand Themes

Pac Rim: International Conference on Disability and Diversity

Disability Studies as an Agent for Change

Disability studies is an interdisciplinary field that views disability as a natural part of a diverse society made up of many kinds of people with many kinds of human characteristics. Rather than looking to treat or cure people with disabilities, a Disability Studies perspective considers and examines the complex interactions of disability with educational, medical, social and environmental systems.

Interdisciplinary Teams

  • How do we break down silos and commit to honoring interdisciplinary excellence?
  • These “inters” include individuals, providers, departments, agencies.

We welcome proposals that discuss these issues and more. If you have a proposal that may not fit in to the above targets, we will welcome them as part of our discussion. We welcome proposals in any presentation format. We also welcome presentations in innovative formats including readings, performance art, graphics and roundtables.

Social Emotional Development

Early relationships are important to developing young children and research indicates that, in the early years, “nurturing, stable and consistent relationships are the key to healthy growth, development and learning” (National Research Council and Institute of Medicine 2000, 412). When young children develop high-quality relationships, they increase the likelihood that they will have positive outcomes.

We are interested in a variety of presentations offering contemplation, critical reflection and analysis.

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