Jacque Phillips

Noted Speaker
Photo: Jacque Phillips

Jacque Phillips, PhD, is an attorney in Colorado. The Law Office of Dr. Jacque Phillips works to get students with disabilities educational services. Concurrently, Dr. Phillips works on cases involving the school-to-prison pipeline. She works in Administrative Court, Municipal Court and Juvenile Court to help students with disabilities stay in school and out of the juvenile “justice” system. With a doctorate in special education, Dr. Phillips formerly worked for several universities including the University of Northern Colorado, Adams State University, Lehigh University and the University of Hawaii. She is the co-author of the award-winning “Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook.” She is licensed to practice law in Colorado and Washington, DC.  She is currently serving on her local City Council, as an elected official, and is a candidate for Colorado State Rep. in 2018.