Registration/Setup Info

If you are a lead presenter, you are the key contact for your presentation and are responsible for communicating all information to your co-presenters (if any) including insuring that they have registered for the conference.


All presenters and co-presenters are required to register for Pac Rim.

Special Notes for Presenters

  • Currently there are no subsidies or funding grants available from the Pac Rim Conference.
  • Presenters are expected to: cover their own expenses to attend the conference, pay the conference registration fee, and make their own childcare arrangements.

Room Setup

Breakout and topical sessions will be set theater style with a head table for materials. General Session rooms used for breakouts will be set banquet style. Each small session room holds approximately 150 attendees.

  • No signs and/or posters of any type can be posted on the walls of the session rooms or in the main ballroom. There is a $75 charge to hang banners and this must be arranged in advance with the conference organizers.
  • No type of adhesive tape, pins or tacks are to be applied on walls, carpet or flooring.

Internet Access

There will be free Wi-Fi internet access at the conference venue.