Presentation Formats

In 2019, we will be offering four presentation formats for our participants. Presentation formats include: Interactive Poster Presentations, 60-Minute Breakout Presentation, and 120-Minute Interactive Workshops.

Interactive Poster Presentation

A poster is a visual display of a presentation , paper, or project that is set up in an exhibit space during the conference and staffed by the creator(s). This year our poster presentations will be featured in two-hour exhibit that is  strategically positioned to provide maximum participation and a celebratory atmosphere. Learn more about Poster Sessions

60-Minute Breakout Presentation

A conversation with one or two presenters. These sessions involve interaction with the participants. It should not be a long paper but rather a discussion that invites participation.

120-Minute Interactive Workshop

A session involving at least three presenters, which is hands-on and provides an extended learning experience for participants.

Additional Suggestions: During proposal submission, please:

  • Presentation Promotion Statement - In ¬†50 words or less, provide a statement to ¬†engage reviewers and attendees in your presentation.
  • Presentation Resources - Include any relevant attachments and links for your presentation.