Additional Information for Presenters

Registration Required for Presenters

All accepted presenters are responsible for registering for the conference one month after invitation letter delivery, as well as, securing and paying for travel and lodging, and arranging all personal childcare responsibilities. Please plan and budget accordingly before submitting your proposal. Pac Rim will not cover any additional costs such as online tools, assessments, books, or other presentation materials.

Presenter Commitment to Participate

As a professional courtesy, presenters are asked to honor a Commitment to Participate as conference attendees by attending other conference presentation sessions. This commitment celebrates a positive, interactive environment and promotes networks to build community capacity.

Presenter Accommodations Request

To allow for sufficient time to meet needs, any presenter accommodation request must be submitted in proposal submission and/or writing to by February 1, 2019. Early request are strongly encouraged. A confirmation email will be sent to presenters prior to conference.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a proposal or presentation, presenters should notified in writing to as early as possible. A $75 USD cancellation processing fee, as well as any registration cancellation fees will be applied. Any extenuating circumstances outside of the presenter’s control will be evaluated by a case-by-case basis.

Resources Associated with Presentation

Presenters will be asked to upload related resources (documents or links) prior to their presentation. These resources provide support for the presentation and serve as an accommodation option for conference attendees. If selected, you will be provided with further instructions on uploading your presentation materials.

Presentation Final Format

All submissions and presentations should match the description produced in the final program. Changes to presentations must be made in writing and approved prior to presenter(s) registration. Although not guaranteed, we will try to accommodate any changes requested.

Proceeding Submission

Presenters may submit an additional proposal to be considered for publication in the Pac Rim 2019  Conference proceedings. Papers will be considered for publication if they are original, have not/will not be published elsewhere in the same form, are presented at the 2019 Pac Rim Conference, have completed  the Pac Rim peer review, and meet Pac Rim publication standards.

Copyright Notice

To support open access principles and efforts, submissions of proposals - written and visual - will be considered evidence that you are offering Pac Rim and CDS publishing and copyrights to submission materials. Submission does not claim shared copyright with the author, but does claim  a non-exclusive right to publish.

Consent to Use of Photo, Audio, or Video

Registration for Pac Rim conference and activities constitutes agreement for the Center on Disability Studies to use and distribute the image and/or voice of registrants. The use of images and voice recordings will be used strictly for Pac Rim Conference marketing purposes.

Room Setup

All conference rooms, excluding the poster exhibit , will be equipped with a PC laptop, handheld microphone, projector & screen, internet access, and technical assistance. Breakout and topical sessions will be set theater style with a head table for materials. General Session rooms used for breakouts will be set banquet style. Each small session room holds approximately 150 attendees.

Room Setup Restrictions

No signs and/or posters of any type can be posted on the walls of the session rooms or in the main ballroom. There is a $75 charge to hang banners and this must be arranged in advance with the conference organizers. No type of adhesive tape, pins or tacks are to be applied on walls, carpet or flooring.

One Session Appearance

Individuals are not allowed to formally present in more than one (1) session: 60-minute breakout, 120-minute interactive workshop. This excludes poster presentations. This rule applies to all presenters.

Accessibility Guidelines for Presenters

All presenters are encouraged and supported to provide a safe and accessible presentation for Pac Rim attendees. We include the following guidelines and if you have additional questions please contact Dr. Thomas Conway.

Review Timeline and Travel Visa

The call for proposals will have multiple acceptance cycles, according to the schedule below. If you need acceptance letters to obtain a visa, you should plan to submit in the earlier rounds.