Important Information For Participants


Due to a situation, we will not be having the golf carts this year as  transportation to and from the Modern Honolulu to the Tapa Tower. We will be having transport from Royal Star Hawaii Motorcoach Tours & Destination Services. The bus, a 14 seater - will be circling the Modern Honolulu to Tapa and back every 10 minutes. Points of departure will be the entry into the Modern Honolulu and the back of Tapa Tower  on Kalia Road by the Grand Islander! Please take note and tell your colleagues! Thank you so much! 

Please read carefully. We will update this section as we get closer to the conference.


Meals & Lunch on Your Own

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have Lunch on Your Own. You will have a lunch coupon in your badge holder. These coupons can be used anytime.  The Conference rate includes entry into our Conference Opening Breakfast Program, the Monday evening Poster Reception, a full Tuesday morning session and coupon for use on Wednesday.

Exhibitors will receive two lunch coupons.


You may register on Sunday from 12 pm – 3 pm at the Modern Honolulu. Exhibitors may register until 4:00 pm. On Monday, registration opens at 7:00 am – 4:00 pm at the Modern Honolulu. Should you be running late and do not want to miss your Grammy filled Monday Formal Breakfast session, we will have a hotspot registration near the Tapa Ballroom and sign you in. Registration on Wednesday will be at the Tapa Tower, Second Floor near the Honolulu Suites.

Monday morning will be hectic and we do not want you to miss the Opening Session. Please plan accordingly and let us know if you hit a bump in the road and we will fix it for you.

Internet Services

Modern Honolulu: Individual usage for presenters and participants is $30 per person, per day in the event spaces. This would need to be ordered via email or phone with PSAV (TJ OʻDonnell (561) 445-9255) and prepaid with a credit card. Exhibitors may call Sara Lester at T: 808-943-5800 | D: 808-943-5893 for assistance in the process. Wifi is complimentary in the guest rooms and public areas for guest with hotel rooms at The Modern Honolulu. They will need their last name and room number to log on.

Hilton Hawaiian Village: There will be free Internet Services for all participants at both Conference Hub Sites – The Kalia Executive Conference Center & Tapa Tower.

There is free Internet on the HNLHV Network in the Main lobby, Tapa Bar, Tropics Bar & Restaurant area. No password needed to connect. Guest room Wi-Fi is provided upon check-in by the front desk agent and is part of the resort charge fee $30. Registered guests who do not want to purchase the resort charge fee can also purchase internet by itself at the front desk and receive the Wi-Fi code.

Internet rates/daily: Standard: $19.99 + tax/each Premium: $24.99 + tax/each outide of the Conference sites.

Transportation to and from the hotels

Walking: The walk from the Modern Honolulu to the Hilton Hawaiian Village takes approximately 10 minutes. We will also have two wheelchairs and a 4-wheel scooter located at the Hospitality Desk at the Modern Honolulu on Monday and Tuesday. Please check with the Hospitality desk for usage. Should you want to rent on on your own, you can call:

  • AAA Wheelchair: (808) 922-7400
  • Best Mobility: (808) 772-9723

On Monday and Tuesday, the conference will have 3 golf carts including an accessibility golf cart that can transport persons to and from the Modern Honolulu and The Hilton Hawaiian Village. They will be rotating every 15 minutes. The Golf cart driver, if needed, can take you to either Conference Site at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki Resort.

Pick up and drop off locations

Hilton Hawaiian Village: Guests can be picked up and dropped off at the main hotel lobby.

The Modern Honolulu: The golf carts will be located at the front drive in front of the Hotel, located on Hobron Lane. Please ask our hospitality desk staff or hotel staff, should you need help in finding the location.


Modern Honolulu: Overnight valet parking is $35 per days which can be paid at check out. Event only valet parking is $10 per day. Participants can pay for this special rate at the front desk before retrieving their car from the valet. Please do not lose your ticket

Hilton Hawaiian Village: The conference will have a validation machine at the main registration located in the Modern Honolulu on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, the validation machine will be at the registration site near the Honolulu Suites, Tapa Tower, Second Floor. The cost is $8.00 for self-parking and $13.00 for valet parking. If you do not get your parking ticket validated, the cost is substantial.