Hawaii Accessibility Information

State-Published Guide for Visitors with Disabilities

A guide for Hawai‘i visitors with disabilities has been published by the Disability and Communication Board and is available online and in print. The Hawai‘i Traveler Trips Guide is designed to assist visitors with information about accessibility issues, airports and public transportation as well as contact information for services.

This guide serves to assist travelers with disabilities and health conditions by providing information about the accessibility of Hawaii’s airports and transportation systems. Also included is a list of medical supply companies and support services. Please make direct contact with any of the businesses or services in this guide to obtain additional information. This guide is also available on our web site at http://health.hawaii.gov/dcab/

Information contained in this guide does not serve as an endorsement for these or other businesses or services, and is intended only as a resource.  The Island of Oahu has the largest population base in the Hawaiian Islands, therefore the majority of resources for visitors with disabilities are located on Oahu.

The guide is available at www.hawaii.gov/health/dcab. Traveler Tips guides are also available in PDF format at http://health.hawaii.gov/dcab/community-resources/visitors/