Experiential Leaders

Eva Geueke

Photo: Eva Geueke

Eva Geueke has been leading trainings and classes for over 25 years in different parts of the world. She has created many dance pieces both as dancer and director. She has designed and managed several full time dance programs. Her interest is in the body-mind spirit connection and the embodiment of our goals. In 2004 Eva created a leadership program for Women called Ewahine. Eva is also one of the world’s leading Feldenkrais® practitioners and has been leading students for almost 30 years.

Claudia Castro

Photo: Claudia Castro

Growing up in Europe and traveling all over the world led Claudia to study and practice yoga so her life could be slower and simpler. Finding joy and peace through studying yoga is what led Claudia to begin teaching.

Matilda Videgard

Photo: Matilda Videgard

Matilda recently moved here from Sweden to marry her ‘Hawaiian island prince.’ Her passion is to encourage women to celebrate, heal and empower themselves. In her practice and her writing she seeks to be a voice of softness and nurturing in this fast-paced world. Matilda learned Women’s Yoga at its place of origin, School of Graceful Living in Sweden and looks forward to sharing it with the women of Hawaii.

Miranda Rudegeair

Photo :Miranda Rudegeair

Miranda Rudegeair has always had a love of music, dance and being ridiculous! She knew that a desk job was not for her. For the last 14 years combined, Miranda has been a personal trainer and taught many forms of dance and dance fitness all over the world.