Exhibit Booth Setup

Exhibit Booth

An electrical outlet will be provided, should you need one. Please contact Charmaine Crockett by TBA at (808) 956-9823 to make arrangements.

We have conference wide internet available at no cost. Should you need a high powered internet service that requires more capabilities, you can request this service on-site at the Convention Center. We are not responsible for those costs.

Exhibit Hours


Set-up/Break-down Information

The Exhibit Hall will be held in TBA. Exhibitors may set-up on TBA. If you have large items and need the freight elevator, please go to Row F in the convention parking area. There will be a sheet in the Exhibit Hall with your numbered assignments. A volunteer will be there to assist you.

See Exhibitor Shipping Information (below) and conference floor map regarding procedures for receiving packages and materials at the Conference Center.

Exhibits must be taken down by TBA. The conference is not responsible for materials left in the Exhibit Hall after this time.