Embracing Harmony: Culturally Competent Systems of Care as Best Practices


Monday, April 29, 2013

Led by Matthew Mock

Brief Description

The availability and provision of systems of care in working with children, adults and older adults with different disabilities and diverse cultural backgrounds are essential. An inherent underlying value is that all services and programs infuse, integrate and embed culture and cultural competence throughout delivery. Core principles of wellness, recovery, voice with choice, and social inclusion must be followed. While these values may seem obvious, there are often potential barriers and challenges. In this dynamic, engaging and moving workshop for advocates, consumers, practitioners, and leaders there will be a presentation of core principles as well as active skill building. Examples will be given of less than optimal situations, some constructed by attendees, followed by consultation and discussion leading to understanding of optimizing an effective system of care with a culturally responsive lens. Expect to leave uplifted and respirited!

Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  1. describe and list (at least 3) core values guiding a system of care that is culturally competent and responsive;
  2. identify and list (at least 3) stances of a culturally competent professional or provider of services;
  3. evaluate specific situations (1 or more) to provide effective recommendations for improving a system of care with an acknowledgement of culture as a core value.

About Mathew Mock

Photo: Matthew Mock

Dr. Matthew R. Mock, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, Berkeley and Campbell, California with a private clinical and consulting practice in Berkeley, California. With a longstanding career in addressing mental health concerns in communities with a special emphasis on community mental health, multiculturalism and diversity, ethnic families and cultural competence in service delivery, he embodies this year’s conference theme of “Being in Community”. He was the Director of the Family, Youth, Children’s and Multicultural Service, City of Berkeley Mental Health Division for twenty years. He went on to serve as the Director for the Center of Multicultural Development with the California Institute for Mental Health, leading initiatives to address disparities, increase cultural competence and social-justice informed work throughout California’s 58 counties. As an invited speaker nationally and internationally, he has received many awards and special commendations. He serves on several boards with special focus on family therapy, school and community mental health, trauma, immigration, multicultural identity, cultural competence, supervision and training. He has written and engaged audiences extensively in the areas of cultural psychology, community mental health, and social justice, and is the recipient of numerous awards. Dr. Mock received his B.A. from Brown University and his masters and PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology (Berkeley/Alameda/San Francisco). As a presenter, he is known as a “passionate Asian American man”! He is the proud father of a “full focus” daughter. He can be contacted at: mmock@jfku.edu.