Hawaii Certified Peer Specialists: Pillars of Support to Organizations


Special Events
Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Start Time: 

2:00 PM

End Time: 

4:30 PM

This FREE community event will help you to understand the process of what it takes to become a Hawaii Certified Peer Specialist, and the difference they make when involved in treatment teams in mental health organizations. Listen to inspirational testimonies to remind individuals on the importance of maintaining awareness of healthcare. Brainstorm with current Hawaii Certified Peer Specialists and providers of mental health to sustain effective skills in crisis and relapse prevention.

Why have Hawai’i Certified Peer Specialists in your organization?

According to the Office of Consumer Affairs, Hawai’i is envisioning a positive future for Hawai’i Certified Peer Specialists (HCPS) to be the primary pillar of support within mental health treatment teams. Peers offer a level of service and support that traditional formal education cannot replicate. HCPS become the expert on their illness through lived experience, and the inspiration to consumers that recovery is possible.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the certification process to better incorporate HCPS in the workplace. Prevent crisis through “Wellness Recovery Action Planning” (WRAP); obtain useful techniques facilitated through “Seeking Safety.” Stay in the loop about what the future holds for the Trauma Informed State Incentive Care Grant (TIC-IT).

Hear testimonies from the HCPS that have excelled in the program!

Why have Peer Specialists as a part of your organization? Studies have shown peer-to-peer support is more cost effective by preventing potential crises. Consumers are more likely to comply with treatment when they can connect with peers through sharing similar life experiences. The Certified Peer Specialist is able to inspire hope in recovery as a living example of the challenges overcome to be eligible for certification. Active participation in recovery allows HCPS to be experts on mental illness and co-occurring disorders.


Engage with potential employers, and network with the mental health community. Brainstorm ideas to help future cohorts of HCPS make the program sustainable. Create a strong supportive community that is safe for all.

HCPS Pillars of Support Agenda

Time Activity
2:00pm-2:30pm Overview of the Certification process
2:30pm-3:15pm Panel Discussion Question and Answer
3:15pm-3:25pm Break networking
3:30pm-3:40pm Testimonies of Current HCPS
3:40pm-4:25pm Making the HCPS Program Sustainable, Brainstorming session
4:25pm-4:30pm Closing comments

Event Downloads: 

PDF icon HCPS Flyer1.26 MB
PDF icon HCPS Registration Form74.5 KB