Pac Rim Team

Registration Support

Photo: Leslie Dorman

Leslie Dorman, is a Grants Coordinator for the Center on Disability Studies where she oversees the complex private and Federal  grant processes for the Center. She has worked at CDS for three years, and holds a BS Degree in Computer Science. Leslie is a force of nature when it comes to detail so watch out for her on-site when she orchestrates a seamless registration process for all attendees.

Hospitality and Accessibility Coordinator

Photo: Juana Tabali Weir

Come experience the true Aloha Spirit with Juana Tabali-Weir at the Pac Rim Hospitality and Information booth! With over 6+ years as the Hospitality Coordinator, Juana’s experience originates from her longstanding career with CDS aimed at accommodating and serving persons with and without disabilities. Some of the conferences she helped organize, and training she has done were undertaken in Hawaii (UH-M Workshops), the South Pacific (Festival of Arts), and the continental US (LEAD Conference).

Need an accommodations request? Program booklet?  Or just feeling lost? Juana’s enthusiastic attitude and welcoming smile will make your experience at Pac Rim a truly memorable one.

Website Development and Support

Photo: Trip Rems

Trip Rems is a Senior Web Developer for the Center on Disability Studies Media Center. He has over ten years of experience designing and building accessible websites for federally-funded grant projects at CDS. He has also delivered training sessions for CDS staff on accessibility and technology including: Tips for Publishing Accessible Content using WordPress CMS (2015), Tools for Successful Communication (2015), and Guide to ITS hosted Services (2014).