Presentation Formats

In 2016, we will be offering five presentation formats for our participants. Presentation formats incluide: poster presentations, 30-minute topical presentation, 60-minute breakout presentation, 90-minute seminar/colloquium, and 120-minute interactive workshop.

Poster Presentation

A poster is a visual display of a program, paper, or project that is set up in an exhibit space during the conference and staffed by the creator(s). This year our poster presentations will be two hours long and strategically located at the Hawai‘i Convention Center to provide maximum participation and well as a celebratory atmosphere.

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30-Minute Topical Presentation

A session involving a 20-minute speaker presentation, followed by discussion or a question and answer period. Topical Presentations are an opportunity for a brief presentation of recent findings and information combined with informal discussion between the presenters and the audience. PowerPoint and overhead presentations are welcomed but each presentation must adhere to the given timeframe so as to be considerate of your fellow presenters.

60-Minute Breakout Presentation

A conversation, dialogue, panel or workshop with one or two presenters. These sessions involve interaction with the participants. It should not be a long paper but rather a discussion that invites participation.

90-Minute Seminar/Colloquium

A session involving at least four registered participants, including a moderator/facilitator. At least 15 minutes should be left for audience participation. Organizers and presenters will need to design the session and submit a proposal through the Call for Papers Web site. This is a Conference opportunity to share vital issues important to your organization and communities.

120-Minute Interactive Workshop

A session involving at least three presenters, which is hands-on and provides an extended learning experience for participants.