Conference Events

May 18 2015 to May 19 2015

We want our human rights! Join with other self-advocates in thought provoking and action oriented discussions and workshops aimed at realizing human rights for all persons with disabilities.

May 18 2015

The Youth Leadership Institute focuses on developing the skills of the next generation of advocates for human rights.
The Indigenous Education Symposium is a one-day Professional Development Institute for Native educators, administrators and community partners, offering pioneering information and training on applying and integrating Native pedagogies and cultural knowledge into quality models of Indigenous education.

May 20 2015

This workshop will provide an overview of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) framework, classification, and utility across disciplines and settings. Developed by the World Health Organization and endorsed by the United Nations, the ICF has increasingly been implemented in countries worldwide for special education, clinical practice, data collection, and policy determination. Currently, the ICF has been endorsed by multiple professional associations in the U.S. and is being considered by U.S. federal agencies including Social Security Administration.
The aim of the Institute is to develop a common understanding of the fundamental principles of inclusive education and universal design for learning to improve academic engagement, create inclusive environments, and shape learning and educational policy and practice. Discover how inclusive education practices are conceptualized and operationalized within the construct of teacher preparation, in-service teacher training, and curricular programming. Learn more about Article 24 of the CRPD.
Researchers are conscientious about conducting quality and rigorous research, and evaluators similarly strive to conduct the best evaluation possible. But, how much thought is given to communicating the results effectively? How can we best report our results to stakeholders in a form that promotes uptake and action?
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