Conference Events

May 18 2015 to May 19 2015

We want our human rights! Join with other self-advocates in thought provoking and action oriented discussions and workshops aimed at realizing human rights for all persons with disabilities.
Pac Rim is proud to host two conference earlybird activities that engage your senses and heal your body to help you be more relaxed and energized, and have a renewed passion for life.

May 18 2015

Cultural identity development is an essential part of prevention programming, and this seminar will offer examples of how to engage youth in exploring their family, community, and cultural stories and histories. Using the Southeast Asian Young Men’s Group as a model, we will examine how to use documentary filmmaking as a prevention/intervention strategy in working with youth.

A child’s ability to move about and interact with the environment is fundamental to daily activities, social and interactive skills, and quality of life.  From children in Manila to Michigan, cerebral palsy and other movement disorders challenge mobility on a daily basis around the world. Globally innovative and potentially life-changing, presenters will unveil new motion analysis systems that use low-cost and gaming technology to precisely track the movements of patients during mobility and everyday activities.

Recent climate changes and resulting natural disasters are disproportionately affecting persons with disabilities. Including persons with disabilities in disaster preparedness is critical. Are you including everyone in your emergency preparedness (EP) plans? Come to this interactive workshop given by certified trainers with disabilities and project staff from the University of Hawaii - Center on Disability Studies and learn how to include persons with disabilities in natural disaster planning.

Students with Asperger’s Syndrome are enrolling in our colleges and universities at a greater level than in previous years. Experts in the field of autism tell us two things about AS students entering higher education: Their degree of academic success if often linked to their degree of social success and many AS students spend the majority of their time at school alone and depressed. Others struggle with faculty, staff, peer and roommate interactions.

This seminar features collaborative projects including clinical best practices, teacher training, positive behavior supports, and information dissemination.  Focusing on linkages and connections between projects and across age groups, the CEDDERS Team will feature short presentations on the implementation of island-wide developmental and behavioral screening system (iBDSS) of young children including training with physicians and their staff; the implementation of The Pyramid (formerly CSEFEL) social emotional model for across agencies; implementation of PBIS  in Guam’s public schools K to 1

A workshop not to be missed! This interactive session utilizes the documentary film, If These Halls Could Talk, and research recommendations as tools to engage participants in small group discussions.

The Youth Leadership Institute focuses on developing the skills of the next generation of advocates for human rights.
This informative one-day Professional Development Seminar brings together Native educators, social entrepreneurs, farmers and other leaders. Sharing their ways of integrating Native values and cul-tural knowledge across the board, these ex-perts provide practical advice on how to grow self-sustaining culturally-driven organizations, which assure that our vast Indigenous knowledge and practices are passed down to the next generation.


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