About Pac Rim

At Pac Rim 2016, you will find new solutions. What innovative actions can you take to embed diversity in all areas of your organization and in your community? Is there a new model for inclusive and affordable housing out there? What’s the best way to move our community into new sector industries such as green jobs? Do local communities do better at inclusion? Our conference sizzles with questions but we don't stop there. We try to find solutions by selecting the best of the best in proposals, workshops and keynote addresses.

What can you expect to find by coming to Hawaii? You will engage with others and discover how your knowledge and enthusiasm can lead to actions that bring our community into the center of society. We know that climate change, natural resource degradation and rising income inequality affect those at the margins disproportionately. That’s why families, non-profits, researchers, academics and government representatives all have a say at our conference. Build your worldwide solutions team to bring people to the center starting at Pac Rim 2016.

Honolulu provides an exquisite and dynamic backdrop to inspire and be inspired by others. The Aloha spirit connects us all.